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Stopping email spam in Cpanel Global Email Filters

This is a quick and easy method to stop or restrict email spam in Cpanel using email filters globally on your hosting account or server.

If you are getting spam from odd domains that you never get emails from other than .com or .ca you can use this method, it works really well.

See example #1

a: Once you are logged into Cpanel: click on Global Email Filters or Email Filters and choose “Create Filter

b: Once you create filter give it a name

c: Add a rule: select “From and Contains” and enter .cam as a domain you ant to restrict emails from. Receiving emails from a  domain like .cam we would not recognize as safe so let’s just block it!

d: As for the setting, choose “Actions” and use the option “Discard Message” this will delete any emails coming from .cam.

e: Now that you have added this option to your filter click “save” and you are now done. You will no longer get spam from any domain with .cam. If you look at Example #2 you can see we created a second filter .top, we added this too and now we are living a much better spam free inbox, previously to this method we were getting about 60 spam emails a day. We thought we should share this technique considering there isn’t anything online with this information.
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Example #1



Example 2: